Push Notification

Increase your web engagement with push notifications

Reach out to your customers with one click, and Schedule push notification campaigns through Aritic PinPoint

Deliver High level of subscriptions

Get more subscriptions with push notifications. Choose when to show the notifications and for which content to run the push notifications. You can enable push notification for your mobile audience as well.

More engaging and 1-on-1 communication

Engage with your leads one-to-one with the push notifications feature. It is more like having a one-to-one conversation on subscribing to your content.

Offline notifications

Stay in touch with your leads without internet. Enable offline push notifications and get subscriptions. No more waiting on the internet to enable your push notifications.

Segmentation and Personalization

Segment your users according to certain common factors. Design push notifications for each segment in a way that looks tailor made for each user. Use predefined criteria like cookie targeting and URL targeting to ensure personalized content.

Trigger web messages

Trigger web messages based on the user actions. Pick out common actions like leave intent or time spent on any page, and set triggers for your push notifications. Show notifications that are contextual and relevant.

OneSignal Integration

Aritic PinPoint offers integration with OneSignal to enhance your push notifications. Add customized permission messages with the four Permission message designs from OneSignal: Fullscreen, HTTP Permission Request Post Modal, Slide down and Subscription bell. Along with this, you can also implement your own customized link.

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