It is quite likely that you might have come across the term GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation if you have a business in the European Union. In the same vein, you might also have heard of it in case you have contacts or clients based in the EU.

If you haven’t, let us tell you what GDPR compliance is! It is a privacy law in the European Union that will come into effect starting the 25th of May this year. This privacy law will be responsible for regulating the use of personal data and treating it that belongs to the citizens of the EU.

All the businesses based in the European Union in addition to everyone who processes the private data of the citizens of EU is predicted to be affected by the General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR compliance statement will likely be on your radar if you ever record, use, collect, store or erase the personal data belonging to the contacts or customers in the European Union.

It is not an exaggeration to say that businesses throughout the globe will have a significant influence as a result of the implementation of this new law.

How is Aritic preparing to help its European Users for the impending GDPR?

The team of Aritic has been in the process of updating and reviewing all the internal data and system processes to ensure that they are all ready for May. They will also be shortly releasing their Data Processing Agreement that will be an updated version.

This will be a boon for the customers as they will now be able to transfer all the personal data of the European Union legally to Aritic products as soon as the GDPR comes into effect.

Still Not an User of Aritic PinPoint Automation?

They are continuing with the preparation that will likely go on till this month end. That said, they have made a substantial amount of progress. They are ready to conform with the GDPR in a committed manner and want to assist their customers in the compliance of the same.

How to make your business ready for GDPR?

We know how much time and effort goes into preparing a business for the advent of the GDPR. This is why the upcoming GDPR guide can help you through the process including how to use Aritic products under this new privacy law. We promise to keep updating the guide as and when we get more information about the subject at hand.

Feel free to email our legal team if you have any further queries about the GDPR compliance checklist or its effect on Aritic. Please also note that this blog post is only meant to help you with the information and does not claim to give any legal consultation or advice to the readers.


Ankit Prakash is principal founder of Aritic. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building successful Internet product since 2006.


  1. Nicholas Clark Reply

    I appreciate how these measures have been taken by your team to provide better services. Keep up with the good work.

  2. Ashley Alexander Reply

    I fully agree with the GDPR rules. Its great that Aritic and its product are now GDPR-compliant.

  3. Susan Murphy Reply

    I appreciate the efforts made by the Aritic team to follow the GDPR rules and its product are GDPR-compliant.

  4. Joshua Simmons Reply

    Good Article! It provides valuable information on GDPR. It’s interesting to know that every product is GDPR-compliant.

  5. Andrew Richardson Reply

    I appreciate the team at Aritic which has put together every product are now GDPR-compliant.

  6. Janice Wood Reply

    I am glad that Aritic has taken efforts to make its products as GDPR-compliant.

  7. Chris Russell Reply

    Interesting blog Ankit! I found it informative as it can understand the customer experience in a better way.

  8. Russell Miller Reply

    Interesting blog Ankit! I found it informative as it can understand the customer experience in a better way.

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    Bingo! I just wanted to thank you because it’s very difficult to find valuable information like that in your blog about European GDPR. Looking forward to more on this topic.

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