1. Launch the URL “http://www.aritic.com”.

2. Click on “Login” link from the Home Page.


3. Enter the “Username” and click on “Click Here” button.

4. Enter the “Username” and click on “Submit” button.

5. Kindly check your email “Inbox” and go to “login page”

6. Here you will get automated generate password.

7. Enter “Username” and “Password.

8. Click on “Login” button.

9. On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint Dashboard, go to Settings > Users 

10. Click on “Users”.

11. Click on ” NEW”.

12. Enter the details for the new user and click on save and close.

13. The created users should be displayed under User list page.

14. Click on Save & Close button to save all the information and go back to previous screen.


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