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Get Started with Credit Notes inside Aritic Sales CRM

Credit Notes


Credits List


There are cases when the customer no longer wants the service or item requested, and you need to apply a refund or credit for the customer, this is where the Credits feature comes into play.




The credits list page is an outline of all the credits issued to all customer and includes the columns below:


  • Client Name: Client’s name
  • Status: Credit note status (e.g., Open, Closed, Void)
  • Date: Date the individual credit was issued
  • Amount: Credit note total amount
  • Balance: Balance of personal credit

Enter Credit


For issuing a credit, you will need to click on the Create button to open the credit notes to create a page.

The create credits page has four fields in total for you to complete. Let us get a closer look on each of the fields;


  • Client: Now Click on the arrow at the right end of the Client field. Then Select the relevant client from the client list.
  • Currency: Currency used for this credit note
  • Tags: The Custom tags (optional)
  • Terms:  Enter any terms [Optional] (Will show at the bottom of the credit)

Click on Save to save your new credit.


Applying for Credits

To use credit to the client invoice for the amount they paid: Access the client invoice that requires to be credited and choose More in the top bar of the Invoice page. Then Select Use Credit in the drop-down list. Here, you can enter the total to apply in the textbox. To use credits, Click on the Save button.


As the credit applies to the invoice, you can see the credit amount reflected in the invoice, as well as the customer’s account.


Bulk Actions


If you need to make an action for a certain number of credit notes, you can do within a click using the bulk action feature. Mark the proper credits in their checkbox at the far left of the credits list to use the bulk action feature. Once you have marked the credit notes, choose an action to perform on them in the buttons below the credits list page.


  • Send: Send selected credits by email to client(s).
  • Archive: Archive selected credit notes.
  • Delete: Delete selected credit notes.



Do you need to search for a specific customer in your Credits list? Enter the first letter of the client’s name, and the filter will automatically show the relevant listings.



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