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Customer Portal

Once logged into your Aritic Desk Account, your account will look like.

The dashboard is divided into seven different parts:

  1. Waiting time/handling time – Displays the average time needed to handle and reply to your own tickets on the current day. The average processing time of the entire team is being shown in gray.
  2. Mood/escalated tickets – The Smiley shows how many of the tickets have escalated. Your own tickets are not escalated if it’s green and laughs. The more angry the smiley face, the more tickets are escalated. Gray is the total number of escalated tickets from all the agents assigned to your group.
  3. Channel distribution – Shows a percentage distribution of the opened and closed tickets that have arrived via the different channels.
  4. Assigned tickets – Shows the absolute number of tickets assigned to an agent compared to all other agents. Gray is the average number of tickets assigned.
  5. My own tickets in process
  6. Reopening rate
  7. Activity Stream Shows a list of the last activities of all agents.

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