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Group Management

Groups in AriticDesk correspond to groups that edit tickets. For example, The tickets relevant to the sales department are available in the ‘Sales’ group, while the tickets for the support department are available in the ‘Support’ group. Tickets flow through various channels in AriticDesk and are sorted into the groups and made available to the agents responsible for the group.

A group can be compared to a cabinet in which the folders are set sorted. Each agent has his / her closet for which he is responsible. Various persons have access to the contents of the cabinet.This is the group-manage area. You can edit existing and add new groups.

Click on a group to access the edit mask. The following settings can be made here:

  1. Name – Set or change the name
  2. Assignment timeout (in minutes) –  The time after the ticket is changed to “unassigned” after the assigned agent does not work on the ticket
  3. Follow-up possible – This is about the decision, what happens with a new message from the customer after a ticket has been closed. Either the status of the ticket is changed to “open” (yes) or a completely new ticket is created (no)
  4. Assign follow ups – Here it is to decide whether in the case of a follow up the agent is to be registered as the owner who was saved as the last owner (yes) or whether the owner should be left open (no)
  5. E-Mail –  The Email-adress the group is assigned to. That means that all tickets sent to this e-mail address will be assigned to this group. Also, this email address is the sender address for e-mails written from the system.
  6. Signature – An already created signature can be selected (Channels –> E-Mail –> Signatures)
  7. Note – Notes are visible to agents but never to customers
  8. Active – set the group active or inactive

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