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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are very precise and are the easiest way to do things faster. It reduces the time by keeping your fingers on the keyboard instead of moving the mouse to perform certain tasks.

Aritic Desk Keyboard Shortcuts are:-


Used anywhere

shift ctrl d Dashboard
shift ctrl o Overviews
shift ctrl s Search
shift ctrl a Notifications
shift ctrl n New Ticket
shift ctrl e Logout
shift ctrl h List of shortcuts
shift ctrl w Close current tab
shift ctrl tab Next in tab
shift ctrl shift+tab Previous tab
shift ctrl return Confirm/submit dialog
Used in lists (views and results)

▲ ▼ Move up and down
◀ ▶ Move left and right
enter Select item
Used in object views

shift ctrl . Copy current object number (e. g. Ticket#) to clipboard
shift ctrl 2x . …add object title
shift ctrl 3x . …add object link URL


Used anywhere (admin only)

shift ctrl t Enable/disable inline translations


Used when viewing a Ticket

shift ctrl m Open note box
shift ctrl g Reply to last article
shift ctrl j Set article to internal/public
shift ctrl c Update as closed
shift ctrl ◀ ▶ Navigate through article

Text editing

Used when composing a text

ctrl u Format as underlined
ctrl b Format as bold
ctrl i Format as italic
ctrl s Format as strikethrough
shift ctrl f Removes the formatting
shift ctrl y …of whole textarea
shift ctrl z Inserts a horizontal rule
shift ctrl l Format as unordered list
shift ctrl k Format as ordered list
shift ctrl 1 Format as h1 heading
shift ctrl 2 Format as h2 heading
shift ctrl 3 Format as h3 heading
shift ctrl x Removes any hyperlink


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