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Create a Text module

Text Modules are created to spend less time writing responses. TextModules can include smart variables like the users name or email address.

You can create the new text module by following ways:-

  1. Go to AriticDesk Dashboard > Admin > Manage > Text Module.
  2. Click on “New Text Module”
  3. Fill the required fields as Name, Keywords, Content etc..
  4. Now “save” the newly created text module.

For more information please check the below reference: –

Examples of snippets are:

Hello Mrs. #{ticket.customer.lastname},
Hello Mr. #{ticket.customer.lastname},
Hello #{ticket.customer.firstname},
My Name is #{user.firstname},
Of course you can also use multi line snippets.

Available objects are:

ticket (e. g. ticket.state,
ticket.customer (e. g. ticket.customer.firstname, ticket.customer.lastname)
ticket.owner (e. g. ticket.owner.firstname, ticket.owner.lastname)
ticket.organization (e. g.
user (e. g. user.firstname,

To select placeholders from a list, just enter “::”.


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