How can I confirm delivery of a message?

Email Delivery

When we do email troubleshoot, first consider the message status like it was sent successfully, bounced, delivered in spam folder or even it is still in queue. Sometime message has been stored in “Sent” directory on sender, but customer never received it.

Aritic Mail has a dynamic dashboard where a user can get lot of information for outgoing and incoming messages related to delivery, and tracking of emails. Here you can see the exact remote mail server response along with delivery information for each messages like below:

Message for accepted by ( (from

250 2.0.0 OK 1507302230 i43si1470036wrf.104 - gsmtp

Time: 0.37s

Support Ref: E7LGWP3P

This information shows you the message was accepted by gmail ( where sender was with the acceptance time is 0.37s. It’s a confirmation that gamil accept the messages from our mail servers.

You can follow below visual guide also for track delivery confirmation:

AriticMail emails Delivery Confirmation