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Automatically Save the Page URL Where the Form is Embedded

You can add the same form on multiple pages. However, this may lead to confusion on understanding which page’s form is giving you the leads. In Aritic PinPoint, you can automatically save the page URL to get detailed information of which form is performing how and where.

How to Automatically Save the Page URL Where the Form is Embedded?

Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Components > Forms > Design a new form or edit an existing form.

Inside your form, go to the fields tab and add a new field +Hidden

Here we will use “ref”. You can name it as per your requirements. Make sure you fill in this field.

Again go back to Fields, and choose a new field +HTML Area. You can name it anything you want. We are using Hidden as the name.

Next comes the Properties. Here, simply copy and paste the script as given below:

<script> var formName = ‘testfaq’; if (typeof MauticFormCallback == ‘undefined’) {var MauticFormCallback = {};} MauticFormCallback[formName] = {onValidateStart: function () {document.getElementById(‘mauticform_input_testfaq_ref’).value = document.URL; }, }; </script>

In the HTML script, modify testfaq with the name of your form. For instance, if your form name is demo, then your script’s starting should read as <script>var formName =’Demo’; See the example below:

In the attributes tab, add style=”display:none;” CSS style to hide the name and content of the HTML field.

Save the form.

When your contacts submit this form, the “ref” field will indicate the URL of the pages from where your contacts have submitted the form. You can integrate URL in your form results by simply adding “send form results” action in the form.

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