1. Login to Aritic Pinpoint account.

2. Click on Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard.

3. Click on Automation Campaign.

4. On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint , click on “NEW”

5. Enter the required field and Click on LAUNCH CAMPAIGN BUILDER.


6. Here you can either create the campaign builder blank or you choose an option to create the campaign builder.

Aritic PinPoint supports dynamic segmentation. However, sometimes you may feel the need to intervene in setting your lead segmentation right. You can easily downgrade a lead into a list by building a campaign and mentioning the trigger for the same. Below are the steps to do this.


[A] Contact Segment: Here you can find the existing segments that are already created, the segment(s) will be automatically added to the campaign.

[B] Campaign Forms: You can add the existing forms from your account or even create a new form and then add it here.

[C] Create New Segment: You can create a new segment here if you have not created one yet.

7. Enter the name of the campaign builder. Click on ADD.

8. Select any option as given in condition.

9. Here, you can change the contact’s details like a within a relative time period. Click on ADD.

10. Execute this event if the contact does not take action by a specific time/ date and. Click on ADD.

11. After created the campaign builder you can be closed when you will click on Close builder.

12. Click on Save & Close

13. Click on Close.

14. Once you complete all producer of creating the campaign builder it will display here as shown in the screenshot.