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Communicate with Individual Contacts in 360 View

You can collect all your customers’ data in one place to get a 360-degree view. You can gather all present and past customers’ information to analyze their social media behavior. Even you can integrate Aritic PinPoint applications to derive the accurate and trusted 360-degree customer view to get the complete customer profiles.

a) In the contact 360-degree view page. In the first column of 360-degree view, you will get multiple options to communicate with the respective contacts as shown in the below screenshot.

b) Click on Send Email option to send a custom email to your contact. fill the name and email template and scroll down the page to send the email.

c) If required, you can call them for communication. Click on the Call icon as shown below.

d) Click on the “SMS“, add the message and send it to your contact.

e) Click on the “Whatsapp” icon to send “whatsapp” messages.

It is essential to understand the importance of a 360-degree view of customers’ profiles to analyze the buyers’ journey and offer them empathy when required.

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