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Create and Use a “Social login” Field in a Form

Social login is a form of individual sign-on technology specially designed to simplify users’ logins and sign into third-party users. Inside the Aritic application, you can create and use social login fields for developing new forms. Social login provides you with all the information about the customer base, filters the content based on interests and demographics, and permits you to personalize the user experiences.

1. Go To Aritic PinPoint dashboard choose left menu and click on “Assets”, then click on “Forms” as shown below.

2.  At the top right corner of the Forms dashboard click on  ‘New Form’ button. 

new form

3. Select ‘Create Quiz Form’ after that click on Next.


4. Click on the checkbox of the selected template and don’t miss to press the Next button.


5. From the Fields options you have to choose ‘Social Login’ from the right.

social login

6. You can edit the social login options as required. Under General tab set label that will appear on the live form .

general tab

7. After that you have to fill up the Field HTML name, Label attributes, Input attributes; Field container attributes to specify that the element can contain more than one form.


8. You have to set the behavior as shown below.


9. Don’t forget to select the columns, alignment, and Label design from the drop-down menu from design tab .

design tab

10. After completing the entire process you have to click on the ‘Add’ button.


11. Once done you can see the result at the bottom of the form. as shown in the screenshot.

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