Inside Aritic PinPoint you can create Double Opt-In Email Campaign to accept the opt-in email contacts inside the application.
Marketers use Double Opt-In Emails to accept and confirm the contact emails from the subscribers. This helps them to get only the confirmed emails from the interested contacts/ leads.

Following steps need to be followed to create double Opt-In email campaigns:

1. Now create a Campaign form to be used as sign-up subscriber form
2. Create a landing page for email opt-in confirmation page
3. Create a new email template to be sent as the opt-in message and include the link of above landing page
4. Create a “Pending lead segment” and a “Confirmed lead segment”
5. Finally build automation campaign to tie it all together

Sign-up form -> Send Opt-in email template with landing page link -> If Subscriber visit the landing page; move them to “Confirmed lead segment” else, move the lead to “Pending lead segment”.