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Creating Custom HTML Landing Pages

Inside Aritic PinPoint you can use drag and drop editor or you can directly upload custom HTML code for landing pages. When you are uploading the code inside the code mode of landing page, make sure that these codes are within one page which should include both HTML and CSS part. The CSS part should be inline inside the HTML file of the landing page.

  1. Go to “Assets“.

2.Click on “Landing Pages


3. Click on “New” button

4. Click on >>Apply4. Enter input for the below listed fields.


a. New

b. Alias

c. HTML Body

5. Click on “Save & Close” button.

6. The HTML should be created.

7. Click on “Page URL” button to view Page.

8. Click on  “Preview URL” button to view Preview.


(The URLs should be different for Page and Preview)

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