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Creating Standalone Forms

Standalone Forms are not restrained to campaigns and can have all submit actions configured directly within the form. Here we will see how to build a standalone form and configure submit actions within the same.

How to create Standalone forms in Aritic PinPoint?

1. Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard. From the left-side panel. click on Assets >> Forms

dashboard panel

Click on Design New Form on the top right corner.

2. Select New Standalone Form in the next dialog box. 

3. Enter the listed field

4. You can add web fields in this form. (Eg : Email, Date of Birth etc)

Setting up FIELDS

  • Email Field

(1) Go to fields -> Select the field email.

(2) Enter input for the “General” sub panel.

(3) Enter input for “Attributes” sub panel.

(4) Click on “Design” button. Finally, click on update.

  • Date field Creations

(1) Go to Field -> select the Date field

(2) Enter input for the “General” sub panel.

(3) Enter input for “Contact-Field” sub panel

(4) Enter input for “Validations” sub panel.

(5) Enter input for “Attributes” sub panel.

(6)Enter input for “Attributes” sub panel.

(7) Once you are done adding all the details, click on “Add” button.

Setting up ACTIONS

(1) Go to Actions

(2) Click on “Add a Submit action” drop-down arrow.

(3) Select Send email to user option.

form action

(4) Enter the input for listed fields. After filling up the details, click on Add. 

input fields

(5) Click on Save and Close to save all changes.

To make sure that your form is published, make sure you turn on the Published option as shown above (it should be green); unless you want to just test and keep it private.


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