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Delete Spambots that Submit Form Automatically

Spambots fill out forms on websites which are used to control spam contacts. Instead of CAPTCHA, there is one more method to delete these unrecognized contacts which are created by spambots.

Delete Spambots that Submit Form Automatically

Go to Settings on your dashboard > Custom Fields > New Custom Field. Create a custom text field with a “mandatory” label. Keep the Data Type as TEXT. Click on save and close to save changes and exit.

Again go to your dashboard > Components > Form > Design New Form.

design new form

Add a text area from the FILTER sections and add “email2” as the text field in the name section.

Map it to the custom field “mandatory” under the Contact Field tab as created in Step 1. Click on Add.

Change the display CSS style of the field so that it does not appear on the form. Refer to the example below.

Alternatively, you can directly customize the CSS of the form by adding the below-stated CSS code to hide the field “email2”.

<style> #ariticform_label_formname_mandatory { display:none; } #ariticform_input_formname_fieldlabel { display:none; } #ariticform_label_formname_fieldlabel { display:none; } </style>

You’ll need to change “formname” to the name of your form (all one word) and “fieldlabel” to the field you created (in this case – email2).

Then create a segment and add a filter on the custom field “Mandatory” not empty.

Steps: Contacts > Segments > New Segment > Filter under Contacts category> Mandatory > Set to = not empty > Save and close.

Now, Create a campaign starting from this segment and add action “add to DND contacts”. Every contact that submits the form by filling out the field “email2” will automatically get removed through the campaign.

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