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Difference Between Campaign Form and Standalone Form

Inside Aritic PinPoint, there are two types of forms that you can use for generating leads.

What is a Campaign Form?

A campaign form will let you start a campaign immediately after a form submission by a contact. You can follow up with different actions and conditions based on your requirements. These actions and conditions are input inside the campaign while building the same. A campaign form is meant to initiate the automated nurturing process.

What is a Standalone Form?

A standalone form is an independent form. This form can be added directly after a contact submits the form, like ‘add to a segment’ or ‘add points’. However, this type of form is not going through a campaign. Infact, this form is not available in a campaign. A standalone form can be created and hosted at any part of the website or added into any of your landing pages. They are primarily used to replace an existing form on a website that is used for lead generation.

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