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Difference between Soft and Hard Bounces

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors entering a website and leaving rather than viewing the pages. You can collect the email server’s reasons why these things are happening, and Aritic PinPoint uses those factors to treat the email addresses.   

Well, a hard bounce indicates a permanent failure in delivering email newsletters to the recipients’ inboxes. However, bounce email addresses are cleaned automatically as it might create an impact on email deliverability. If the recipients’ email addresses are invalid and domain names not existing, then hard bounces occur. 

Soft bounces project a temporary delivery issue as it gets into the recipient’s mail server but bounce back before entering into the inbox. Inside the Aritic PinPoint application, handle soft bounces differently as compared to hard bounces.   

Although, there are multiple reasons which cause soft bounce. Here are some common reasons:

  1. The recipient’s mailbox is full
  2. Wrong configured mailbox
  3. Inactive mailbox
  4. The email server may be down or offline
  5. Large email file.

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