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Facebook Lead Ads Integration Page

a) Inside the Aritic application, and click on Settings from the right menu bar. Click on Apps

b) Click on Advertising and then select Facebook Lead Ads.

c) After clicking on Facebook Lead Ads, you have to select Enabled/Auth to reauthorize the app.  

d) Then, click on continue as your name and login into your Facebook account. You have to add email from the drop down menu.

e) Now, click on AdAccount leads sync to select the account id.

f) After that, you can see the Campaign Name, Ad Name, Total Count, Last Submitted Form On, and Action. You can observe EasySendy Lead Generation and you have to the sync contacts.

g) Under Contact Mapping, you can see Facebook forms fields and map it with Aritic Fields. Aritic will add the contact/lead into Contact list automatically, if it is not available and if contact already their, then it will update the fields comes from FB Ads forms subscriber.

h) Again click on Facebook Lead Ads, then select FB Ad campaigns at the right side panel. 

i) Go to this page as shown below and then click on Campaigns.

Note: This feature available under Social Ads- If enabled, you can see your ads performance with leads counts.

j) Now, you have to move to Contacts, and go to a particular contact.

k) Now, you can see the 360 degree view of your contact.

FB Leads Ads Feature Improvement

1. Removed System user access in business account, now you can connect with normal authorisation with user level permission of ads and pages
2. Manual field addition removed, now Aritic fetch all forms and forms field from Facebook and make it available for field mapping
3. Manual addition of Ads Account removed, now Aritic fetch authorise user ads accountId and will make available for selection for sync
4. Earlier only one Ads accountID supported, Now all account ID connected with Authorised user will be supported
5. All old Facebook leads synch for this year, Aritic fetch all leads from Facebook and let you sync
6. Count of old leads are always available within the system and on your request only, it will get sync into main contact list, till you do not sync with contact list, it will not get counted in total contact list.
7. In last release Ads Name, Ads Campaign name and Form Name had been removed due to Facebook API changes,Now Ads Campaign information got added into FB leads ads.
8. Connected Social Facebook Ads feature into FB leads Ads apps for better information of Ads performance(request us to enable it)

UpComing FB Leads Ads Feature:
1. Reset and Re-sync all leads
2. View all leads information before adding into your contact lists.
3. Fetch contacts on the basis of date and sync with Aritic
4. Social Facebook Ads more detailed performance analysis against every FB Ads Campaign, FB Ads Set, FB Ads.

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