Account based marketing or ABM can be defined as integrated marketing. ABM is highly personalised and targeted marketing. You do profiling of your customers/clients and then design marketing strategy aligned to their profiles.

Marketing tools or software that cater to businesses/enterprise are looking to incorporate account based marketing steadily. Account-based marketing is essential for any and every enterprise.

Identify your targeted audience

Account-based marketing is more about narrowing down the focus of your potential audience and streamline lead generation efforts. In doing so, the first step is identifying audience or rather accounts you would want to target.

Align your sales and marketing teams

It is important to have sales and marketing team on the same page while driving an account based marketing campaign.

Attract your prospects with some offers

80% marketers are opting for account based marketing, and it elevates the B2B marketing strategy. It is more a team effort to bring about engagement and conversion. Reaching out to the prospect with an offer is the first step to an engagement.

Start with the right list and communication channels

You have to understand and analyse the channels through which you can do the targeting. It could be social, mobile or maybe offline. Sometimes even events are a great place to do this.

Setting and measuring goals is easier

Calculating the effectiveness of ABM campaigns is easy. You know you are looking at a set of targeted accounts, and you have plans for each account as well. At the end of the quarter, you can easily measure how many conversions happened. Since the focus is narrow, it is clearly visible what is the result. Best ways to measure your ABM campaigns is to keep track of the strategies.

Be Consistent and a good story teller

Prospects like stories and personalised offers. It is like you are only talking to them and the feeling of exclusivity is the key behind ABM. This is the reason why till date email marketing is a great channel to start with the outreach. It is, in fact, good for inbound and outbound. When you send them not just what you offer, but also explain how well you understand their pain points, it would have an instant gratification. They will know you did your homework and will love you for that. It creates a long lasting impression on their minds. This will initiate the first meeting that you are looking for!