Your competitors are tracking everything you do because they are looking ways to get ahead of you in the race. What do you do? Well, you track them as well. Starting with their content flow to SEO strategies to backlinks and indexed pages – you need to track and monitor your competitors across all the marketing mediums to keep yourself ahead of them.

Aritic PinPoint lets you track and monitor your competitors minutely.Get started from here:-

1. Go To Aritic PinPoint Dashboard

2. Click on “Competitor Analysis”.


Click and filled the details of your competitor like Company name, service details, website and blog URL. 4. Click on ” SAVE” edit

Here you see the status of competitor details about the product, Blogs, website reachability, number of product etc. As compare to your product performance and you will get the idea about your product and you can increase the volume in the market with the high competitor organization.