Marketing has become personalized, which means it is highly data-driven. The data could be anything – either use behavior on your website or in your app, or preferences, or demographics, or maybe previous purchase patterns. Use dynamic content, also known as adaptive content, to personalize your marketing messages according to your users’ preferences (or any other factor that is vital for your brand). Dynamic content changes according to user preferences, location, buyers’ stages, or interests. It is one of the unique ways of creating an experience your users will love. This feature can be used for your existing users as well as anonymous visitors.


PS: Aritic PinPoint lets you track, monitor and re-target your anonymous visitors. Hence, dynamic content can be effectively used for such visitors to trigger more engagements and drive conversions.

Here’s how you can get started with this.

  1. Go to Assets > Dynamic Content.

2. Click on “New”.
In the new window, fill all the desired columns.

3. Click on “Save and Close” button.