Marketing Messages available under the channels menu that enables you to optimize the delivery of your message to your contacts by sending it through their preferred channel.

To set up a marketing message,  follow the below steps:-

Click on Assets> Marketing Messages > New.

Fill the initial entries such as Name and description.

Depending on what channels you have turned on in Configuration, you might see Email, Text Message, Tweet and/or Web Notifications.

You’ll click on the tabs for the messages you want to configure, click on “Yes”, then select the message from the dropdown.
click save and close.

Now, when you include the marketing message as a campaign action, Aritic will send the message type that a contact has specified. If they have not specified their preferences, then Email is the default.

If a channel’s send limit has been reached, it will automatically send the next message. So if the contact’s email preference has reached its limit, and they have provided a mobile phone number, they will receive a text instead.

So, marketing messages are designed to get your message out, via whatever channel is available and your contact prefers.