It is unlikely that all your subscribers will like the same type of content and context. Each subscriber’s buying stage can vary, which means their need of content will also differ. Segment your subscribers based on


  • Behaviour of the subscribers
  • Demographics
  • Events
  • Buyer’s stage


To send relevant marketing messages, Aritic PinPoint provides dynamic segmentation for your subscribers rather than just a manual list building. According to the change of behavior and activities, the segments will get updated for your subscribers so that next time you want to launch a campaign, you just directly pick the right segment and get going.


To start with segmentation, you will need to create segments with relevant pointers. Below are the steps to get you started

  1. Go to  Segments.


2. Click on “New Segment”. Fill the initial entries such as Name, Alias, Description.

3. Select “Filters”.

4. Here you can choose the field, the type of operation to perform. These vary depending on the way you wish to filter your contacts.

You can use the segment of contacts while sending the campaigns.