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Getting Started with Triggers

Score Triggers is the process through which we determined the particular events after getting a level of scores in lead scoring.
Benefits of score triggers are to be used to indicate when your software should send an email to a prospect and offer a product demo.

Steps for starting with score Triggers

1. Go to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard>>Contacts>>Score Triggers.

2. Click on “Create New Score Trigger” button.

3. Click on “Event” tab. After filling the details.

4. Select any option for an event (Sent an Email).


5. Enter input for the Trigger event and click on “New Email” button.

6. Click on “Advanced” and enter the input.

7. Click on “Save & Close” button for email.

8. Click on “Save & Close” for Trigger.


(The created triggers should be listed in the list page)

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