Existing list of Contacts can be imported via the user interface from a CSV file. You can either import in the browser or you can let a background job do it.

Follow the below steps and import your contact into Aritic PinPoint:

1. Go to Aritic PinPoint dashboard

2. Click on Contact.

4. On the top right corner of Contact, click on Drop and down menu select the Import.

5. Upload the CSV file with contacts you want to import.

6. Click on  “Browser”, Upload your CSV file.

7. The field mapping page should show up. The first set of options will let you select owner, segment, and tags to assign globally to all imported contacts. The second set of options will let you map the columns from your CSV to Aritic PinPoint contact custom fields. The third set of options will let you map columns from your CSV to special contact attributes like Date Created and so on.

8. When your field mapping is ready, click one of the Import button (described above).

9. Here the uploaded/Imported CSV file will appear. When the import was successfully processed.