Your contacts inside Aritic PinPoint expect relevant and personalised content, both online and offline. Hence, it is evident you will want to leverage your email campaigns to provide a 1:1 experience that will exceed your customers’ expectations. By inserting dynamic content in your email, you can create such an experience for your customers across multiple devices. It is no more only about using their first name in the email subject line after all.

Start adding dynamic content (also known as adaptive or sophisticated content) so that your email content is always relevant based on your customers’ demographics, behaviour patterns, or browsing and purchase history.

Follow these steps to Insert Dynamic Content in Your Email:

1. Go to Assets > Emails Template > Create New Email Template.

2. Select Dynamic Content tab.

3. Fill all the initial entries accordingly.
You can create the difference according to the situation.

Now, to insert dynamic content into an Email, go to “Content” option.
Select the area in your template where you want to add the content.
4. Click on “Dynamic Content” icon from the above editor.
5. Click on “Save and Close”.

After you have save this email template, you are ready to add these templates inside your Automation Campaign workflow. Once the email through workflow starts delivering to the contacts, then the dynamic content will be replaced with filtered content.