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Integrate a Form into a Landing Page

In Aritic PinPoint, it is possible to integrate it into a landing page.

There is 2 way to do it:

  • via a predefined theme.
  • via code mode.

(1) Integrate a form into a theme

Login to your Aritic PinPoint dashboard > Components > Landing Page > Design New Landing Page.

landing pages

Select your choice of Landing Page theme and go to Landing Page Studio Builder to insert a form.

landing page theme

In the builder, drag and drop a text block > Insert token > choose the form you want to add. The form will be displayed with the token {form ID} after adding.

Click on Apply > Close Builder > Fill in the landing page details like name, alias, and publishing status. Click on Save and Apply to apply all the changes.

(2) Adding form to a landing page using code mode

Follow the similar steps of landing page building: Components > landing page > design a new landing page > CODE MODE. 

landing page code mode

You will get the option to format the HTML code. To add form, now you will have to open forms and copy the code.

landing page html

We recommend you to first copy the HTML code of your form before you start with landing page builder.

Create a new form or use a pre-existing one.

Go to Components > Forms > Open the form you want to insert  > Manual copy> Copy the requisite code to insert it directly into your landing page.

Paste the script as instructed in your landing page HTML, and click on Apply to save your changes.


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