You can integrate Facebook Custom Ad Audience with Aritic PinPoint account and sync Aritic PinPoint segments with your Facebook Custom Ad Audience. A process of this is explained here in this doc.

To get started with this integration; you need to have a Facebook App with Basic Access.

  1. Create Facebook Developer account and get “Facebook App ID” and “Facebook App Secret”; for this you can follow this guide.
  2. After you are done with above steps; apply a Basic Level account with your Facebook, follow the guide from here.
  3. After you have received the Basic Level access; get the Facebook Ad account ID, how to get this ID is mentioned here.
  4. Now inside Aritic PinPoint; navigate to Settings > Plugins > Select “Facebook Ads Custom Audiences Sync” icon and inside the popup; enter all the detail, Publish the plugin and “Save”.

5. One you are done with this setting; you will get to enable the Facebook Custom Ad Sync option under Aritic PinPoint Segments.