Everyone wants to give access to their marketing and sales team users but you would need to control this access for everyone with controlled limits to the feature of Aritic PinPoint features.

Roles” feature inside Aritic PinPoint allow giving specific access to the users. You can create as many as you want.

Steps for creating these roles?

1. Click on the wheel icon on the top right corner to display parameters i.e setting button

2. Click on “Roles”.

3. Click on “New”.

4. In “details” tab you can choose if the role has the full access. If not, click on the “Permissions” tab to set the different access for this role.

5. Fill the details of the role and then control their access from right-hand side system access i.e Yes or No.

6. When the role is created, you could define it when creating or editing a user and then after that, you save and apply the button.