Manage Lead Lists


1. Login into Aritic Pinpoint account

2. Click on “Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard”

3. Click on “Contact”

4. Click on “NEW” and create new contact.

5. There is two field’s like:

a) PRIMARY and


a). Under the PRIMARY: Fill the information about your contact.

b) Select the SOCIAL media from where you want to select the contact details.

6. Click on “APPLY”

7. Click on Save & Close button to save all the information and go back to previous screen.

8. Here you can able to see all the list of contacts(leads).

9. Click on “Filter”

10. Select your contact and filter that which you want o decibel or you want to edit.

11. When you will click on drop down menu:

a) You can create the campaigns of filter’s contact.

b) You can segments the contact field

c) Stages

d) You can see the full contact details

e) you can select as do not contact options