Most of the time you see that you are unable to track the open and clicks for the campaigns. So have a look on few of the points to fix it:-

  1. Is “Append tracking pixel into email body ?”
    Please verify whether the “Append tracking pixel into email body ?” is enabled or not ?
    This can be checked under PinPoint Dashboard > Settings > Configuration >Email Settings > Message Settings.


  1. Emails are being tracked by a tracking pixel.
  2. When an email is opened by an email client like Outlook or Gmail etc, the client tries to load the images in it. The image load request is what PinPoint uses to track the email open action.
  3. Make sure the email was sent to an existing contact via a campaign or a segment email.
  4. Emails sent by the Send Example link, direct email (from the contact detail) or form submission preview won’t replace links with track ables.
  5. Make sure the URL in the “href” attribute is absolute and valid. It should start with http:// or https://.
  6. Try to open the link into Incognito mode.