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Quickly Update Contact Field Detail

Contact field details are the properties associated with specific information like company details, addresses, cities, names, etc. You can easily create and make changes in your contact field details to meet your company’s requirements. It would help if you allowed the users to configure picklist before creating different types of contact fields.

a) Go to the dashboard and click on contacts under “Contacts” option from the left menu as shown below.

contact page

b) After clicking contacts you will get “Contacts” page , there click on any particular contact to get the next page i.e “360-degree view” .

contact page
contact page

c) At top of left column Click the dropdown option on “Actions” you will get “Edit” option as shown in screenshot below.

contact page

d) Even you can edit for any contact similarly by clicking “Edit” option which is in downside of left column as shown in screenshot below . Both ways are suitable for making any update in the contact field details.  

contact page

After following multiple steps, you can automatically update the contact field details with different workflow rules and entitlement methodologies to gather more information about the contacts and channelize it for the company’s benefits.

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