Aritic PinPoint has bi-directional CRM integration available with Salesforce CRM. After the successful integration of Salesforce CRM and Aritic PinPoint, you would be able to transfer the sales qualified lead directly from Aritic PinPoint to Salesforce CRM module. In case, the sales team finds that leads need more qualification, they can transfer the unqualified lead back to Aritic PinPoint marketing automation module. After that, the marketing team can nurture those partially qualified leads into qualified leads through marketing automation campaigns.

  1. Register and Login to Aritic PinPoint.
  2. Login to your Salesforce account.
  3. Go to “Setup” from the right corner of the screen or “Build” from bottom left corner.
  4. Click Create -> Apps -> Connected Apps -> New
  5. Create the “New” App and fill all the entries.
    NOTE: Make sure the selected OAuth scopes are “Access and manage your data” and “Perform requests on your behalf at any time.
  6. Copy the Consumer Key and Secret.
  7. Go to your Aritic PinPoint Dashboard > Settings > Plugin.


  1. Select “Salesforce”.
  2. In the new modal window, insert the keys(Customer ID and Customer Secret), callback URL and click Authorize App.10. Enable the Plugin by marking “Published” as “Yes”.11. Go to Features and select all the boxes accordingly and click on save.