With Aritic PinPoint forms, communicating with your customers becomes hassle-free. You can send out an email immediately after a contact submits a form on the solution, and that too without even getting inside the campaign. The numerous trigger actions in the form action menu help to communicate and effectively manage multiple actions related to a form submission.

1. Go to “forms” inside Components.


2. Create a form and navigate to “Actions” inside the form menu. After navigating to “Actions” click on “Add a submit action”.

3. Select “Send email to contact”, you will find it under the Email Actions.


4. After clicking on”Send email to contact” you get a pop-up. Fill in the action name under the “Name” section, you can even add a few details under the “description” section to know the purpose of the trigger action. Select a precreated email by clicking on the”Email to send” option. After selecting the email to be sent, click on “Add” to add the action trigger to the submit Action.

5. You will be able to see the action added under the submit actions.

6. Click on “Save and Close”, to save the changes to the form. The email will be sent out to the contact immediately after they submit the form.