When to send Marketing and Transactional Emails


1. Login into Aritic Pinpoint account

2. Click on “Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard

3. Click on “Automation Campaign”

4.On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint, click on “NEW”

5. Enter the required field and Click on “LAUNCH CAMPAIGN BUILDER”

6. Here you can either create the campaign builder blank or you choose an option to create the campaign builder.

7. Click on “+” sign.

8. At Contact Source choose the Campaign form name when clicking on the drop and down.After click on “ADD”.

9. To schedule, a Campaign for next event, select “Action”  and then choose “Send Email.”


10. A new modal window will appear, here fill all the entries, and you can choose the particular time for sending your “Marketing or Transactional Email”  under “Execute this Event”.

11. Click on “Add” button.

12. The schedule campaign will show it here as you have scheduled the email campaigns.

13. After creating the campaign schedule here you can close the thread.

14. Click on “Save and Close”

15. Click on “Close”.

16. Once you will create the scheduled campaign, the name of the campaign will display here.