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How to setup IP lookup service?

Aritic PinPoint identifies the visitors of your website and leads based on their IP addresses and resolves those IP addresses into locations, which can be cities or countries. Aritic PinPoint usage various IP lookup services for this purpose, some of the IP lookup services are available for free of cost and others are available as paid services. To resolve the IP addresses of the visitors Aritic PinPoint connects to these IP lookup services through API.

1. Register and Login to your Aritic PinPoint Account.
2. Click on Settings > Configuration from the right corner of the screen.

3. Now Click on System Settings > Miscellaneous Settings at the bottom of the screen.

4. Inside “IP lookup service” select the service from the drop-down menu accordingly.5. Next, put the list of IPs inside “List of IPs to not track contacts with (one per line)” which you do not want to track and the bots.
6. Click on “Close and Save”.

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