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How to setup preferred Channels and Frequency

You can setup message preference for each of the Contacts inside Aritic PinPoint and based on the preferences, contacts can receive the messages from a preferred channel. This guide will explain how to setup message preferences for each contact inside Aritic PinPoint.

How to set up preferred Channels and Frequency for a Contact

1. Login into Aritic Pinpoint account

2. Click on Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard.

3. Click on “Contact”

4. Select the User for which you want to manage the “Preferences.”

5. Go to the “Drop Down” tab at the right corner of the screen, and select “Preferences.”

6. On the opened popup “Contact Preference Center”, go to “Channels” and set the preferred channels and frequency of contact and Click on “Save.”

In this window you can enable/disable channels of communication, set the frequency of the communication via each channel enabled, and set one of the channels as a preferred channel.

7. Contact Categories

a) Use the categories tab to add or remove a contact from a global category.

b)  Global categories can be used in areas like emails, text messages, campaigns.

In combination with the new Subscribed Categories segment filter, contacts can be given a choice to opt out of categorized communications.

8. Contact Segment

a) Use the segments tab to add or remove a contact from a segment.

b) Segments are used as a source for campaigns and emails.

c) Any contact in a particular segment will be part of a campaign that has that segment as the source.

You can also use a standalone email manually to a segment. If a user has opted out of a segment, it will no longer receive campaign.

9. You can send the email to selected preference contact or you can be closed the preference contact.

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