1. Make sure that you are not testing the page visit while logged into Aritic. Aritic ignores user generated activity so use an anonymous session, another browser, or log out of Aritic.
  2. Ensure the contact getting tracked is in the campaign. The easy way to test this is to review the timeline of the contact for the page hit.
  3. Campaigns are executed sequentially and will not repeat per contact. If the contact has already visited the page while part of the campaign and triggered the Visits a Page decision, subsequent visits will not re-trigger the actions associated with the decision.
  4. Ensure that the URL in the campaign action either matches exactly the URL visited or use a wildcard.
  5. For example, if you have a URL of http://abc.com and the page hit registers as http://abc.com/index.php?too=far, the campaign decision will not be triggered. However, if you use http://abc.com* as the URL, it’ll match and thus trigger.