Aritic PinPoint is full stack marketing automation suite. This tutorial explains, how to add the Aritic PinPoint tracking pixel javascript code to your website/ CMS.

You can quickly add the .js code to your website footer (just before the tag) and get all the website and contact tracking data inside the Aritic PinPoint automation suite.

Having this tracking pixel enabled from your website / CMS, helps you to track all user/ lead/ customer behavior on your website in real time. These data merges with each user profile, helps you to execute all kind of automation campaigns including, behavior-based, event and trigger-based marketing campaigns from automation campaign.

You can use Aritic PinPoint plugins for your CMS; we have ready to use one-click plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla CMS.

1. Click on Aritic Pinpoint Dashboard

2.  On the top right corner of Aritic PinPoint, click on “Setting”.

3. Click on “Configuration”.

4. Click on “Tracking Settings”.

5. Go to “3rd Party Website Tracking Code”.

6. Then, add the given code at the end of the web page before ending </body> tag.

After you have successfully added this tracking pixel to your website; you can update the following setting:

Enable “Identify returning visitor by device fingerprint” option, in order to track the leads in advance mode. Also, you can enable “Track visitor by IP“.