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How to use Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode is a technique to control contact creation as well as existing contact updates on Forms.
You can use same device or same IP address for collecting the contact information on a form. In Kiosk Mode setting, the application will differentiate whenever a new contact is uploaded rather than merging them into one.

Follow the steps to setup Kiosk Mode: –
Go to Assets > Forms > New.

Select the type of form you want to create.In the new window fill all the desired columns.On the screen, at Kiosk mode, choose option “Yes” or “No” accordingly.

Conditions: –
When the kiosk mode is turned on, each submission will create a new contact.
When a kiosk mode is turned off, contacts will be edited based on the current session information.

Note: – If you set the “Kiosk Mode” to “Yes”, then form submissions will not generate a new contact tracking cookies or assign the IP address to the created/updated contacts.

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