Aritic PinPoint can be connected with Zapier. Currently, this integration is available on invite. You can get this from here.

Following Triggers are available from Aritic PinPoint to Zapier:

  • Someone Submit Form at Aritic PinPoint – Triggers when a form is submitted.
  • New Contact created at Aritic PinPoint – Triggers when a new contact is created.
  • Updated Contact – Triggers when an existing contact is updated.
  • When an Email is Opened – Triggers when a contact email open.
  • When a lead Hit New Page – Triggers when a landing page is visited by a contact.
  • When Contact Points Changed -Triggers on a contact points change.

Following Events are available from apps on Zapier to Aritic PinPoint:

  • Create a new contact inside Aritic PinPoint from apps available on Zapier.

This Zapier integration release is v1.0.3.