Aritic PinPoint integrates with Zoho CRM and using this feature you can trigger and transfer leads from Aritic PinPoint suite to CRM. This integration is useful when a lead qualifies for sales and then it is triggered to send to Zoho CRM for sales team to work upon. These CRM triggers can happen from Aritic PinPoint automation campaigns.

1. Login to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard.
2. Login to your ZOHO account.
3. Copy the Zoho account Email ID and Password.
4. Go to Aritic PinPoint Dashboard > Setting -> Plugins.

5. Click on “CRM” option from “Show all plugins” drop-down button.

6. Click on “Zoho” link.

7. Enter the username and password, click on “Authorize App”.8. Click on “Features” tab and enable the feature.

9. Click on “Save” button.