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Migration Guide

You can easily migrate all email lists subscribers from your existing account of Aweber to Ariticmail. In order to do this, you need to export all email from each email list of your Aweber account and then import them inside your Ariticmail account accordingly.

Follow these steps to migrate from Aweber to Ariticmail:

1. Login to your existing Aweber Account (users account) and Click on “Manage Subscribers” option under the “Subscribers ” tab.
aweber-manage subscriber-1

2. Now click on “search” icon to choose the list of subscribers you want to export.

3. On the next screen, when the list of subscribers appears scroll to the bottom left corner of the search result and click on “Export CSV ” icon.

4. Extract the downloaded file and edit the .csv file accordingly.

5. Now, login to your Ariticmail Account.

6. Import the above email list inside Ariticmail list. You can follow the steps given here: