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Limits of Progressive Profiling

Progressive profiling makes  forms smarter by asking for the most important information.

Search History Limit

The Aritic forms Progressive profiling makes your forms smarter by asking for the most important information progressive profiling are as fast as it can be. The HTML of the form is rendered once, stored and this “cached” HTML is used for next form loads. When a progressive profiling configuration is turned on any of the form fields, the form HTML might be different for each contact. It can even change for each contact after each submission. That’s why the caching technique cannot be used anymore and the form load time will be slower for progressive profiling form.

There is a limit on submission of forms, this limit was added to prevent possible slow form loads or even hitting the server time or memory limits when a contact have several thousand form submissions. This limit might cause to display/hide the wrong fields.

Embed Type Limit

Progressive Profiling forms will not work if you embed your form as static HTML. It will work at form preview, form public page, form embedded via JS, form embedded via iframe.

Kiosk Mode Limit

Progressive Profiling features are turned off if you switch the form to the Kiosk Mode. The form always creates a new contact on each submission in the Kiosk Mode. It doesn’t track the device from which the form was submitted.

The Progressive Profiling options under the Behavior tab will still be accessible in the Form Builder so you could easily switch the Kiosk mode off and use the Progressive Profiling features again.

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