Marketing Automation Solution For Education Institutes

Educational Institutes are in for a tough competition to capture the top-tier students. The problem that institutions face due to multiple admission scenarios is that each situation demands different staffs. For instance, there are multiple staffs to handle applications, counseling, interviews, and admissions. It is not handled by one single individual. This means, there is a lack of cohesion between the staff because they are unable to keep each other posted all the time about every single candidate they meet.As a matter-of-fact, Educational Institutes require a system that will help them handle the entire enrolment and other related processes to happen smoothly.

Comprehensive omnichannel marketing automation solution for Educational Institutes

Thanks to the multiple modes of communication that parents and students opt for, it is even more challenging for to create a transparent path and monitor their flow of actions, like campus visit -> application -> counseling -> enrolment. There are so many scenarios that can happen. For instance, parents or students first hear about an institution in a print radio ad or TV ad and directly come to the campus. Other times, after consuming the ad, parents or students choose to meet a counselor. Then comes another instance, where students and parents scout through the online website after consuming the ad.

Build a comprehensive marketing strategy to engage, nurture, and trigger enrolments for your educational portal, be it online or on-campus course. Create unique experience across all display screens and marketing channels, and build a relationship with prospective students and their parents, and teachers.

Create and publish professional landing pages

Use the drag and drop editor to build attractive landing pages to promote your courses and alumni stories. Trigger engagement and subscriptions with custom forms. Simply drag and drop elements in the landing page builder to create a landing page. Add videos, images, GIFs, and relevant content to nurture each lead effectively. Based on demographics, source, behavior pattern, and other details of your target students, teachers, and parents, show dynamic content to nurture each lead individually. Mae edits to any landing page template or add your own HTML code. Every template within Aritic PinPoint is mobile-optimized and device responsive to help you create unified user experience across all channels and screen sizes. Use social login features on your landing page for easy subscription and quicker lead capturing.

Easy Landing Page Editor

Educate your audience with drip nurturing campaigns

Build drip nurturing campaigns in a few seconds in our easy to build campaign studio. Simply select the target segment, add desired conditions and decision triggers, and start building your campaign. Let your target audience know about the personalized career options that you have or the free student consultancy you offer. Send deadline alerts and invite students to be part of various learning communities. Update them with valuable PDFs, white papers, webinars, and visually enriched content based on their lifecycle stage. Create drip campaigns to trigger behavior-based marketing messages across multiple marketing channels like push messages and emails. Use re-targeting campaigns to engage students and teachers who have become dormant or those students who have passed out already. Trigger referral programs for such leads to increase the inflow of leads.

Drip Campaign

Identify most engaged leads with lead scoring and contact tracking

Use lead scoring and contact tracking feature to identify those leads who are most engaged. Track when they first subscribed, from which source, and their immediate activities. Assign implicit (behavior-based and activity-based) and explicit (lead information-based) scores to segment them effectively initially. Then trigger point actions and create new point triggers to assign positive or negative scores and identify the leads that are most active and will convert immediately. Pass these leads to your sales team to follow up and also urge these leads to join your alumni. Encourage word of mouth referral and first time joining offers to increase engagement, social sharing, and referrals.

Contacts tracking in automation

Detailed campaign reports and analytics for campaign improvement

Monitor each automation campaign, be it landing pages to capture leads or email campaigns, push campaigns or SMS campaigns. Get insights on how each campaign has performed over a certain period of time. Conduct A/B test for each campaign element to get the winning result that can trigger maximum student engagement. Monitor your campaigns against your competitors and also keep a tab on your SEO performances. Import reports in forms of tables, charts, graphs, and more.

Sales ROI
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A comprehensive marketing automation solution for your institute or platform

  • Automated email workflows: Acquire and continuously nurture with course details, fee structure, session commencements, advantages of courses, faculty portfolio, etc. Engage existing students and faculty with updated information about the institute, curriculums, and other regular happenings, create automated email workflows that are triggered by actions and personalize all marketing messages based on user interest and behavior.
  • Smart lead capturing: Use progressive profiling to ask target students questions that they want to answer. Use embeddable custom forms with over 100 form fields to choose from on your educational website and mobile campaigns. Create gated videos to capture interested students directly from emails, landing pages, blogs, and websites. Capture leads with social logins, social media engagements, content nurturing, and ad orchestration.
  • Dynamic segmentation for improved campaigns: Auto-segment your students and professors based on their past educational background, courses completed, financial background, upcoming course interests, demographics, and buyer’s stage. Nurture each student based on their segment. Create separate segments for parents who are looking for course details, social proof of your institute, and other such details that can trigger conversions faster.

Welcome international students too!

Why limit the best things to any particular region? Open your doors to students and learners across the globe. Engage with emails and content pieces based on different time zones. Encourage open community discussions and webinars accessible to everyone irrespective of their location.

Trigger engagement and encourage campus visits

Push engagement and regular follow-ups based on lead behavior. Communications through push notifications, emails and SMS are directed according to how users interact, engage and behave. EncourageCampus visit. Candidates who visit campus are followed up accordingly with push notifications, emails, and SMS that are closely related to the kind of face-to-face discussion they had in-campus.

Use predictive analysis to automate the entire process

Take things to the next level through ad channel engagement using Facebook Ad Sync and Google Ads Library. Understand the staff-to-student/parents (individual and team) relationship and conversion rates. Use smart data to automate marketing campaigns that are data-driven, relevant, and personalized.

Marketing Automation Suite

Stay ahead of the competition with a professional marketing and communication strategy.

Trigger enrolments and smooth onboarding

Showcase course details and main objectives

Build a brand image through students' trust and positive reviews

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