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Be a fierce part of the ever-changing education industry, creating a reliable and loyal brand image.

Boost Enrollments with Aritic PinPoint

Use the drag and drop editor to build attractive landing pages to promote your courses and alumni stories. Inspire and motivate learners with easy web forms, course overviews, professor-introductions, and more. Segment your audience department-wise for a niche marketing.

Educate Your Audience

Let your target audience know about the personalized career options that you have or the free student consultancy you offer. Send deadline alerts and invite students to be part of various learning communities. Update them with valuable PDFs, white papers, webinars, and visually enriched content.

Urge Most Engaged Prospect to Become Alumni

Create a platform for your friends or colleagues to communicate, connect and network. Share assignments and projects via networking platforms to induce teamwork. Build a community where daily updates, news, information and such can be shared. Invite parents to be a part of these communities too.

Progress Reports and Everything Else, On-the-go

Monitor the progress reports of each assignment and projects, and identify the scopes for improvement. Get detailed analytical reports that can be emailed to each subscriber. Welcome feedback on your website, via email and also via social media platforms. And enable all of these to function smoothly from mobile phones as well.

Welcome International Students too!

Why limit the best things to any particular region? Open your doors to students and learners across the globe. Engage with emails and content pieces based on different time zones. Encourage open community discussions and webinars accessible to everyone irrespective of their location.

Educational Institutes are in for a tough competition to capture the top-tier students. Thanks to the multiple modes of communication that parents and students opt for, it is even more challenging for to create a transparent path and monitor their flow of actions, like campus visit -> application -> counseling -> enrolment. There are so many scenarios that can happen. For instance, parents or students first hear about an institution in a print radio ad or TV ad and directly come to the campus. Other times, after consuming the ad, parents or students choose to meet a counselor. Then comes another instance, where students and parents scout through the online website after consuming the ad.

The problem that institutions face due to multiple admission scenarios is that each situation demands different staffs. For instance, there are multiple staffs to handle applications, counseling, interviews, and admissions. It is not handled by one single individual. This means, there is a lack of cohesion between the staff because they are unable to keep each other posted all the time about every single candidate they meet.

As a matter-of-fact, Educational Institutes require a system that will help them handle the entire enrolment and other related processes to happen smoothly.

Main Objective

A system of such will help in:

  • Enhancing University Staff productivity to do more in lesser time
  • Target and engage interested students who perfectly qualify for the institution
  • Involve staff, parents, and students together in a conversational loop so that nothing goes amiss

Parents or students who are ideal for the institute

Based on their requirements and information-need, modify your campaigns.

  1. Using the same database for higher conversions in future.
  2. Using the same database, identify the leads that couldn’t make it in the previous batch, and connect with them for the upcoming session. Design targeted campaign for the lost prospect on a monthly basis to trigger more engagement and eventually conversions.

Get hands-on detailed analytics for deeper insights

Analytics provide the foresight required to nurture potential leads to tracking and understanding-

  1. Conversion ration: from invitations to conversions.
  2. The region where maximum conversions are happening.
  3. Regions that require maximum marketing campaigns to cause conversions or push leads towards conversion.

Track multiple marketing channels

Marketing with Aritic is not restricted to one marketing channel. You use multiple channels for your varied kinds of students/parents, like websites, consultant seminars in multiple cities, on-campus seminars, online chats, webinars, social media campaigns.

You understand the entire journey

From the invitation to enrolment. This helps you track, monitor, and enhance conversion.

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