Marketing Automation For E-commerce

Define your brand's Image with Aritic PinPoint

Deliver marketing content that focuses on your goal

Make the most of the niche content. Power your marketing efforts throughout the customer lifecycle with targeted content. Make your sales repeat over and over again, leveraging your overall ROI. With personalized marketing efforts, be the trusted brand that your customers always wanted.

Personalized and automated communication

Schedule personalized content for automated communication so that no users are left out. Nurture each lead with targeted emails, communicate with them over social media platforms, and track their purchase behavior to know more about what they want. The best part is, all of these can be automated.

Advanced analytics for behavioral analysis

Track the purchase pattern of each lead throughout their lifecycle. Get detailed insight on how and why each lead is behaving in a certain way. Draft messages that are highly targeted use dynamic content to hit the bull’s eye.

Enhance buyer's experience with social communication

Send personalized emails, text messages and site messages to your customers. Leverage the power of social media to know what interests your target customer. Use multi-conditional segmentation feature of Aritic PinPoint based on the social interaction with leads, their past purchase patterns, and so on.

Push notifications and regular alerts

Keep your users up-to-date with personalized push notifications. Send out reminders for renewals or new product or any offer/discount. Stay connected with your customers even when they are not browsing your site.

Grow the volume and quality of your leads
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