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Ankit Prakash in Marketing Automation

Designing Effective Marketing Campaigns along the Right Segments

Why, as an organization or as marketing personnel, would you need a read through of this article when you already understand everything ever said about promotional campaigns? This article is definitely for you. You would have noticed that although there are various literature sources on marketing campaigns, most of them are not far-reaching and others …

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Ankit Prakash in Best Practices, Blog, Marketing Automation

GDPR Compliant Marketing Automation Solution

There is no way you can ignore General Data Protection Regulation. In fact, it needs your immediate notice. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was designed to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals across the European Union. Despite Britain’s vote to bid adieu to the European Union, Article 50 is not yet signed. …

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Pritha Bose in Marketing Automation, smarketing

Marketing Automation Begins with the CEO

“I think Marketing Automation implementation begins with the CEO of a company” ~ Ankit Prakash, co-founder at Aritic. Ankit has repeatedly mentioned this in almost every discussion we had in recent times. It was a well-thought statement, and quite much practically applicable. A century ago, we never thought of a marketing automation platform in place. …

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Resolutions 2018..
Pritha Bose in Guide

Marketers’ New Year Resolutions 2018

According to Group M, the media investment arm of WPP, the global digital ad spend will grow by 4.3% in 2018 with Google and Facebook taking leads in digital advertising. I can very well say that next year will also be for marketers. As 2017 nears its closure, marketers are busy gearing up for the …

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Red Herring Top 100 Asia 2017
Pritha Bose in Blog

Aritic wins the ‘Red Herring Top 100 Asia’ Award 2017

Aritic adds another winning feather to its cap with the Red Herring Top 100 Asia award 2017. This award recognizes the top 100 most promising Asian companies in the online B2B space. This year, Aritic has been recognized as one such promising B2B company. Acknowledging the award, co-founder Ankit Prakash said “We are elated and …

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Great User Experience Award 2017
Pritha Bose in Blog

Aritic PinPoint Honoured with Two Marketing Automation Awards from FinancesOnline

Aritic PinPoint is already gushing with the newly bestowed awards from FinancesOnline. We are happy to have received the awards for Rising Star 2017 and Great User Experience 2017, making this year possibly the best for Aritic PinPoint. FinancesOnline is a reputed review platform for B2B tools and solutions. They put together analytical comparison and …

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Pritha Bose in resources

7 Common Myths about Multi-Channel Marketing

Did you say multi-channel marketing is also known as Omnichannel marketing? Oops. Multi-channel marketing is not similar to omnichannel marketing. They are two separate concepts that can work together. Multichannel marketing refers to all the efforts a brand puts together to interact with their customers across multiple channels and platforms. Multi-channel marketing is followed by …

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A/B testing
Pritha Bose in Marketing Automation

15 Common Mistakes in A/B Testing

If you want to know the secret to a great customer-brand relationship, it’s A/B testing. Everything that comes before your customers must be tested – be it your landing pages, website, email templates, ad concepts, or colour palette. If you want the best (and accurate) results, A/B testing is the way to it. Let’s put …

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Effective Email Subject Lines – Marketers MasterGuide

Businesses are adopting marketing automation tools. Marketing automation comes with automated email marketing campaigns. And where email marketing is there, confusion with email subject lines is bound to exist. Email Subject Lines: The Decision Maker Almost everyone with an email id suffers from email overload on a daily basis. Research indicates that most recipients spent …

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