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Marketers; Fix these 5 Landing Page Mistakes Now

There is a marketer somewhere who has an excellent product to market. The traffic rate to their site is overwhelming, and the landing page is breathtaking. But for some reason, the conversion rate keeps falling below their expectations. What can this marketer do? Do they need to rewrite the content? Do they need to change …

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Improve Email Campaign ROI with Facebook Ads Sync

Consumers are well-informed these days. They make 90% of their decision before they engage with a respective sales rep. Each customer has a unique buyer’s journey. With information sources like social media or a Google search, they land into an in-store or online to make a purchase. Marketers are focusing on getting noticed in between …

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Lead Scoring
Ankit Prakash in Lead Management, Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring

Effective Lead Scoring Setup for Modern Marketers

Effective lead scoring is the route to creating enhanced and unique customer experience. While nurturing a lead, it is also important that you rank one lead against another objectively. It is helpful in various respects. Firstly, it helps in organizing the follow-up process and reply to inquiries. Secondly, it helps in identifying the stage of …

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Stefan Des in Demand & Lead Generation

4 Harsh Truths about Lead Generation That Will Make You Burn All Your Plans

Lead generation is important for any successful business. When you start implementing your marketing strategy, you start getting inbound leads. Infact, at first these are visitors. Through anonymous lead tracking and monitoring, you can start sending out relevant ads and content. While this anonymous chunk will form about 98% of your traffic, there are visitors …

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