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Live Chat Automation 101: How to build an effective chat workflow for your bot

chatbot workflow stages

It was Monday morning. Surprisingly, I was before time in office. Derek has mentioned about taking an alternative route since my usual route was blocked. I had almost forgotten about that sales meeting I had scheduled but Derek reminded me on time. Infact, I had enough time to put together my materials for the meeting and check that the meeting room was available. When I was back at my desk, I got busy with work and forgot about lunch. But again, Derek reminded me that it’s time for a break. Infact, Derek also sent me a reminder for a family event for which I was supposed to leave office early. Oh! Derek.

If you are not living in another dimension, you must by now have understood, Derek is a bot

This is a classic example of a chatbot workflow.

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Complete guide to using Mobile Push Notifications to drive sales

push notifications cover

Push notifications are engaging messages that gently reminds you that you have an app installed on your smartphone. These are short messages that are sent based on your app-behavior (as well as behavior on the website). They are non-interruptive and does not interfere with your browsing even if you are not on the app. 

Push notifications have become sophisticated and targeted now. However, it dates back to the time when Blackberry became the first one to launch simple alert messages targeted at business contacts. Blackberry was followed by Apple who launched push notifications for iOS users. Later Google followed suit when it launched its Android devices. 

Today, push notifications have become an integral part of an automation strategy. Marketers are clubbing push campaigns with other marketing campaigns like emails, Facebook ads, and SMS campaigns. Infact, the new-age marketers are creating touchpoints across multiple marketing platforms to ensure that engagement keeps happening throughout. 

In a time when consumers have so many options and so many distractions, push notifications serve the innate purpose of nurturing leads and customers. After all, marketers can’t take the risk of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ in business. 

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Customer Marketing

[Lead Experience Guide] 5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads With Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are all the rave in tech town. And not just because they are some far-fetched version of a futuristic tech gone right, but because they are simple and efficient enough to generate tangible results within no time.

Implementing chatbots for improved lead generation and lead experience can be game-changing for your sales reps, especially when the expectations of prospects are at an all-time high. Google reports that 61% of the prospects expect brands to deliver personalized lead experiences. And marketers have caught up with the trend with 90% of them agreeing that personalization significantly contributes to business profitability.

chatbot integration stats

Source: Think with Google

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Marketing Automation

11 Amazing B2B Marketing Automation Examples That You Should Follow

business automation software

Looking for marketing automation examples that you can follow? We’ve got you covered, but before that, here’s why we are discussing marketing automation, and how to do it.

A recent survey establishing the state of marketing automation points out that 80% of the respondents already have marketing automation deployed for work. And, though there were a number of reasons why these respondents were using marketing automation for, the predominant three reasons why they use it include lead generation, lead nurturing, and account-based marketing.

Valuable insight from the same survey is that 19% of people said that the biggest challenges to successfully implementing marketing automation are lack of good quality content and the complexity of using these platforms.

Marketing automation is, however, extremely widespread and popular because its advantages outnumber the complexities. If you are able to wisely pick a tool easy to use, built exactly for your business, and is in your budget, marketing automation presents little or no challenge. Forrester predicts that Business spending for Marketing Automation tools will grow to reach $25.1 billion annually by 2023 from $11.4 billion in 2017! Needless to say, you should be putting your money in smart marketing automation tools.

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Infographics - Content Marketing

Content Funnel Optimization Stats 2019 to Rebuild Your Old Content Funnel

Most popularly, the content funnel is denoted by an inverted funnel wherein it gets narrower as it goes down. Traditional content funnel contains three major stages :

  • TOFU: Top of the funnel where awareness happens
  • MOFU: Middle of the funnel where nurturing (i.e. consideration) happens
  • BOFU: Bottom of the funnel where conversion happens

However, modern content marketing extends beyond this funnel. Infact, if you look at the modern content funnel, it looks more like an hourglass or what marketers call as the FULL FUNNEL.

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Marketing Automation - Best Practices - Customer Marketing

9 Deadly Marketing Automation Workflow Mistakes You Must Avoid [+ Ready-to-use Workflow Templates]

Marketing Automation Workflow Mistakes (1)

Collecting leads is just the first step to move closer to the sales funnel. You might have thousands of contacts collected and nicely organized in your database. However, you can’t just let them sit there without a further action plan on converting them. Nudging them into the funnel and moving them closer to conversion is *the* ultimate goal. How do you effectively nurture these leads? How do you make sure that your marketing goal is achieved effectively? This is where marketing automation workflows come into the picture.

Marketing automation has simplified the execution of workflows making them core to almost every B2B and B2C business. Another reason why marketing automation workflows work really well for B2B and B2C businesses is that they are capable of delivering personalized communication throughout the buyer’s journey.

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Customer Marketing - B2B Marketing

7 Mind-blowing Multichannel Marketing Strategies You Must Implement Now

multichannel marketing

Customer loyalty rides in on the back of amazing customer experience. A customer experience that brilliantly merges offline and the online world take the winning cup. Why? Because your customers are spending hours scouting over multiple channels. So, if you are not yet thinking of a multichannel marketing strategy, then you are not thinking about your customers.

But I know I am wrong. Because like always, you want to build the best customer experience for your customers. So, I will straight away move to doing multichannel marketing that will work.

As outlined in 7 Common Myths About Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing definition refers to all the efforts a brand puts together to interact with their customers across multiple channels and platforms. Multi-channel marketing is followed by Omnichannel marketing which offers a seamless and integrated customer experience irrespective of how or where the potential lead is engaging with the brand.

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TikTok Ads - Lead Management - Marketing Automation

Getting Started with Killer Lead Capturing Ads on TikTok in 5 Easy Steps

TikTok Lead Capturing Guide

As far as the virality factor goes, TikTok is right up there among the best. The speed with which it has made inroads into the marketplace, gained users, and settled into the minds as well as social media lives of its audience has already made it a big thing. But what’s worth knowing is that they are not stopping here. TikTok lead capturing ads are making the headlines now.

TikTok Ads – the Next Big Thing

Taking a big stride to start appealing to small and big businesses, the TikTok ads is a prospect that sounds very interesting and exciting, especially when you consider the fact that businesses have started to appreciate audience segmentation and targeting more than they ever did before. And with such a large audience out there, not leveraging the potential that TikTok ads may have may very well mean leaving out a lot of money on the table.

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TikTok Ads - Video Marketing

6 High Performing Lead Capture Ads on TikTok

Lead Capture Ads

Lead capture ads on TikTok is new but lead capturing using ads is not.

A visitor lands on your website hang around for a while randomly browsing your 2019 accessory collection when a form pops-up in front of him asking for contact information. The form is lengthy. It does not auto-fill information, either. The visitor, at this point, does not want to share details. Disappointed, he leaves.

Thankfully, lead hungry marketers can breathe a sigh of relief as they can still successfully capture lead information. Where lengthy forms are slowly fading out, lead capture ads are quickly emerging as a means to collect information to find new customers who might be interested in your brand and product.

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Best Practices - Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing Strategy Fails: Top 3 Factors Killing Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing promises to increase your organic traffic, and trigger more conversions. But conditions applied. You have to do it right to save it from dying.

Your Inbound Marketing Strategy will give results only when you have a proper strategy in place. Click To Tweet

Do the reverse, and your Inbound marketing results will take a sharp U-turn and go downhill. When we started implementing inbound marketing practices, we continued to see dips in our results. Perplexed at what is going wrong, we stopped. We stopped everything we were doing and turned on our Sherlock-mode to see what was keeping us from succeeding with our strategy. And that was probably the best idea. We ended up identifying 3 major flaws in our strategy that held us back. These are not some uncommon or unheard mistakes. Infact, they were so in-the-flow type errors, it took us about 5 months to understand we were on the wrong track.

Fast-forward to the present date, we now know how fruitful our digging-into-details was. So, in this article, I will tell you about those top 3 reasons or errors that we made (and I’m sure you will relate to many of these if your strategy is also showing negligible returns).

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