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[A Guide] 5 Ways to Generate Quality Leads With Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are all the rave in tech town. And not just because they are some far-fetched version of a futuristic tech gone right, but because they are simple and efficient enough to generate tangible results within no time.

Implementing chatbots for lead generation can be game-changing for your sales reps, especially when the expectations of prospects are at an all-time high. Google reports that 61% of the prospects expect brands to deliver personalized experiences. And marketers have caught up with the trend with 90% of them agreeing that personalization significantly contributes to business profitability.

chatbot integration stats

Source: Think with Google

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Website Visitor Tracking

[Study] Improve Your Marketing Funnel With Browser Fingerprint Technology

Yesterday I was browsing for monitors on Amazon that I can use with my MacBook Air and work on a larger screen. I liked this particular model from Dell, but I wasn’t still sure about the VGA cable and compatibilities. So, I exited. Today morning, while browsing through my Facebook feed, this is what I see after a few seconds of browsing:


The exact monitor I checked out last day was there on my social media newsfeed as a sponsored ad. Just to add, I was browsing on my mobile and this ad I see on my desktop. Apparently, it is not about which device I am using – it is about the simplest fact that my browsing is monitored to bits and pieces.

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Infographics - TikTok Ads

Understanding The Insane Growth of TikTok – An Infographic Review

The social media battle has mostly between major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, until now. There is a new name in the block and the growth rate of this application is insane. TikTok, also known as Douyin, has surprised marketers with its immense growth in a very little time. A short-video-making app, formerly known as, is winning hearts leads to an insane and massive user base. TikTok growth chart is impressive as well as a pointer to the impending future that marketers are looking at – TikTok ads.

While TikTok has already started testing ads quietly, it is yet to be available to the global masses. TikTok growth is not a one-day wonder, there is a lot of history and controversy that this app has seen to reach where it is today.

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Best Practices - Guide

How to Get More Paying Customers From Your Free Trials

Paying Customer

For SaaS companies, the free trial is perhaps the most important acquisition tool of all time.

The offer is easy to understand and transparent: try the software and see if you like it. If you do, sign up for a paid version. If you don’t, no problem.

Of course, as marketers, we want to make sure people convert from free trial users to paying customers as often as possible. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Data shows that free trial conversion rates have a wide degree of variance.

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Content Marketing - B2B Marketing

Modern marketing ROI Scenes: Dynamic Segmentation meets effective Content Strategy


If you are a marketer, you must have spent hours figuring out the best practices that will trigger lead activation and create conversions for your brand. You have gone over all the said practices and traditional guidelines. It is likely that you are also focusing on creating educational content, planning out promotions for your content and also budgeting for paid ads. But what if creating a content strategy is not the only thing you should be worried about? You might roll your eyes at what I will say next, but what makes a content strategy successful is SEGMENTATION. And here I am talking about dynamic segmentation. Static segmentation is not out of the league, but it requires a lot of list building activities which can be a challenge given that your lead behavior is constantly changing.

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B2B Marketing - Drip Email Campaigns - Marketing Automation

Strategic World Recruitment Marketing Automation in Action [Use Case]

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Recruitment marketing automation is not something new, but something that’s clearly in action across all recruitment firms. Recruitment is not a one-way deal. As much as a candidate works to make his/her profile look great, so does a brand or recruitment firm. Attracting talent can be challenging if recruiters pose to look too clever or too easy with no interesting substance to grab a candidate’s attention.

Recruitment needs both the candidates and the company to be equally interested in each other. John Vlastelica, the Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, recommends leveraging the interest and passion of your respective candidate pool to trigger more attractive messaging.

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Content Marketing - Best Practices

Getting Started with B2B Content Marketing

B2B Content marketing,   b2b content marketing campaigns

B2B content marketing has its own set of benefits. There are several rules that one needs to follow to yield proper results for successful B2B marketing. Prior to all the rules and pro tips, what a marketer needs to focus is building the perfect content marketing strategy. If you are not aware how to start or where to start, we have got it all covered for you in this extensive guide to getting started with B2B content marketing.

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Customer Marketing

[Top 5 Practices] Unified Customer Journey is the Key to Digital Conversion

Customer Journey

Unified customer journey mapping plays an integral part to maintain the sanctity of the brand. A well-designed omnichannel strategy will make sure that the customer’s convenience is always the priority in the customer journey.

What makes a customer happy? This is an essential question for every marketer whose work revolves around customers. Also for those who mainly focus on keeping them satisfied with their services always. The main reason behind an unhappy customer is lack of a seamless experience. From the first interaction with your brand or after they become a customer, they deserve all the attention in customer journey stages.

It is vital to model all your marketing strategies and business processes around consumers and their requirements for understanding the digital customer journey model. 

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Forms & Landing Pages - Landing Page

Create AMP Landing Pages with Aritic PinPoint

AMP Landing Pages

Google is well known for providing the best services and is constantly working to deliver the best experience to its users. Users expect high performance when they are accessing the Internet. Not to forget they are the most impatient species in the universe.  If they open a website, they want their content to load quickly without any delays, and even a little delay will lead them to bounce the site. The increasing bounce rate of landing page website is a crucial element that influences the user experience.

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Customer Success Strategy

Follow these 5 Steps to Build Customer Success Strategy

Customer Success Strategy

We hear several new terminologies in the business world. One of the most recent buzzwords is Customer Success Strategy. People are continually sharing tips about how the industry can benefit from it. Customer success strategy was initially limited to providing customer support or managing accounts. But now, the way you should interact with a customer has completely changed. The first thing towards a successful customer success strategy is a perfect plan of action which provides an impactful customer engagement solution.

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