Video Marketing

Live Video Streaming Platform Selection Guide for B2B Businesses

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming services offers plenty of benefits for B2B companies. It is the best way to enhance user engagement and build viewership. There are several platforms available for live video streaming. However, before you put your content online, you need to understand where your audience is present.  Always try to do live streaming on platforms where your audience is already present rather than asking them to join you on a new platform.

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B2B Marketing - Demand & Lead Generation - Marketing Automation

Banks need to Implement Marketing Automation Cloud Now

Marketing Automation Cloud

Marketing automation cloud is not a buzzword for the Marketing industry. 91% of people who use marketing automation cloud agree that it is essential for the overall success of activities of online marketing.

According to history, software, internet, telecommunication, and business services are the fastest market automation adopters. Even so, retail banking has shifted tremendously because of the digital advancements. There is a change in the behavior and expectations of the consumers. This makes the banks to respond by redefining their marketing strategies.

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Content Marketing

Complete Guide to WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Wordpress guide to Website speed

Numerous wonderful online businesses are doing excellently well. With their superiority in the technology they use, the performance of their websites is optimum. This significantly contributes to their success stories. It is no secret that a bad website performance will kill a business. No one wants to deal with slow and unresponsive web pages. It is nothing but torture that moves your prospects to seek out other alternatives- your competitors.
The starting point is ofcourse, setting up your WordPress. Chandan Kumar, founder of Geekflare says When you are on shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about system administration as hosting company takes care of those in the backend. However, when your site is slow on shared hosting, need more capacity or need more control on a server then you can go for Cloud or VPS hosting.

wordpress optimization quote

Having said that, the main focal point of this discussion is that-

Speed always sells!

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Drip Email Campaigns

9 Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns For Higher Lead Engagement


There’s no denying that emails are the best way to communicate and build a relationship with your consumers, especially when reports have revealed that about 319.6 billion emails will be sent and received every day by 2021. Brands across the globe are leveraging the power of emails with the aid of automation, and one core feature of automation is automated drip marketing.  Automated drip marketing has a lot to contribute in creating a brand image.

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Customer Marketing

5 Factors to consider for Effective Customer Segmentation

Effective Customer Segmentation

In B2B business, we apply an 80-20 rule that suggests 20% of the customers are responsible for 80% of the profits. I am sure you realize that in one way or the other some customers are more profitable than the rest. This emphasizes the importance of customer segmentation. Customer segmentation analysis requires segmenting your customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in personal characteristics, preferences or behaviours.

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Video Marketing

Generate Qualified Leads with these 6 Types of Videos

Video marketing is a trend that is on the rise in the recent years for B2B businesses. It has become a major asset of a B2B marketing strategy because video content is good at capturing a prospects’ attention quickly. It is one of the most efficient ways to drive sales and attract more automation qualified leads.

A study by Email Monks reveals that videos with emails realize up to 280% feedback than? those without. A much recent report done by the Aberdeen Group, states that 67% of institutions create brand publicity using videos. Also, 60% of such organizations use videos to drive conversions while another 53% nurture leads using videos.

The question is how B2B marketers can take advantage of this trend to boost their conversion rates?

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Lead Management - Lead Nurturing

How to use Webinars to attract Qualified Leads

Marketing professionals know that buyers do not make their decision to purchase a product or service immediately. Hence they are trying to make their presence on all the platforms and attract boost qualified leads for their business.

Mike Agron, co-founder of WebAttract says

About 77% of B2B buyers would research about a company before they speak to you. In B2B, people are on a journey towards being educated. The best way to teach your best qualified leads is by using webinars. Webinars offer significant amounts of value to the target audience and positions you as the authority.

The downside to this is that marketers create webinars that have little or no value to the audience. It is sad to note that their webinars can be so terrible that they do not turn convert qualified leads to opportunities that are ready-to-buy.

The goal here is to know the details of the marketing qualified leads definition so that you can start your nurturing process in the near future. In this article, we will have a look at a formula that successful brands use finding qualified leads to sales.

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Customer Marketing

How to Evaluate and Benchmark Buyer Journey Velocity

Marketers need to keep up with some things every day. Like monitoring specific campaigns, emails that people open, the call-to-action, the forms that people fill, the events attended, and so much more. In the midst of this, there are numerous measurements that we often tend to forget. But we have the primary marketing metrics that are highly effective. It will measure your result across the strategy. Buyer Journey Velocity is one such metrics.

In this blog, I will discuss more on the buyer journey conversions. It involves the purpose, application, technology, and benchmark.

Before we go further, consider the fact that linear buyer journey hardly ever takes place. Also, there are different paths that each contact goes through before they decide to purchase your product. For instance, a lead may read your blog’s content, subscribe to your newsletter, respond to your email nurturing campaigns and evaluate your products and services. Or a lead may attend a webinar, fill out the form, read a follow-up email, browse your website, and get a call from your sales team. From there, they convert to an opportunity.

I have mentioned two examples where both the leads are heading towards the same direction. However, they use different routes to get there.

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B2B Marketing - Content Marketing

B2B Blogging Rules for Content Marketing Success

Disclaimer: A hardcore WordPress user writes this B2B blogging rules compilation. If you are using WordPress CMS, you’ll relate everything. If not, there may be statements that you will find foreign. However, B2B blogging rules are universal and are noted down here for everyone, irrespective of what CMS you are using. So let’s get started now.

Since inception, WordPress has become a powerful platform for blogging on the earth. It is not complicated when it comes to updating the blog. It is highly flexible enough to accommodate a lot of things.

Even so, all this does not matter if your website is not up to par. This guide is to help newbies learn more about building an excellent blog. This is the kind of best b2b blog examples that attracts readers and retains them, one that creates a reliable and robust community. A splendid content calls for unique blog posts. It also requires the blog owner to join a conversation with professionalism. You need to be catchy and enjoyable. Some B2B blogging tips unsaid.

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Content Marketing

25+ Facts about Modern B2B Content Marketing

It is remarkable how B2B content marketing has transitioned from a shiny new object to a position where it has become a gold standard. After all, it started off as a new trend, and many people doubted if it will sustain its charm or it will quickly die out. Seth Godin says

It is the only marketing left for the reason that it is a marketing strategy that is perfect for the internet generation we have. This generation turns all their attention to the internet when they need information about any product or service.

Many B2B marketers are making substantial investments in this strategy. But they still ask about the best way forward as well as the crucial information they need concerning content marketing. Below are 27 facts that are interesting and worth your consideration about B2B content marketing strategies. 

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